Beatiful and eternal mountains of chimgan

Chimgan is a picturesque place, a wonderful corner of nature, located 80 kilometers from Tashkent. This charming mountain place is the favorite place of rest for local residents of the capital and guests.

Chimgan is the most popular recreation area, because there is a ski resort in the Chimgan mountains – on the spurs of the Tien Shan, which is an extensive mountain range stretching all over Central Asia.

The beautiful valley of Chimgan is situated at an altitude of 1200-1600 meters above sea level, and it is surrounded on all sides by mountains. And over the whole valley stands a beautiful mountain – the Great Chimgan with a height of 3309 m. In these Chimgan mountains there are such beautiful places as Gulkam, Beldersay and just a lot of amazingly picturesque places. It is for this unique beauty, wellness places, clean air that Chimgan is often called “Uzbek Switzerland”. The slopes of the mountains are covered with relic juniper forests. Mountains and hills are cut by fast-moving mountain rivers. Here, such rivers are called “sai”, and they are full of a variety of fish, for which many fishermen come here.

As soon as you see the islets of alpine meadows, on which poppies blush, and breathe this clean and fresh air filled with the aromas of herbs and blossoming flowers – you can not remain indifferent any more. Even the name “Chimgan” is translated as “green and soft grass”. Between the rocks are hidden small lakes, noisy fast rivers and waterfalls. In the mountain cliffs mysterious caves are hidden. On steep walls you can even find petroglyphs – ancient rock carvings of animals and hunters.

Here there is a mild climate, and the ski resort offers a large selection of trails for skiing and downhill skiing that create excellent conditions for skiing. In Chimgan, the ski season lasts from December to March. Here you can ride not only on skis, but also on snowboards, snowmobiles, skates and sleds.

In resort hotels there is a rental of tourist equipment and equipment, a ski lift and cableway are laid to the ski track.

And in spring and summer Chimgan becomes the center of mountain tourism. It is possible in search of adventure to make easy ascents on picturesque hills or to subdue the Big Chimgan, whose snowball remains to lie even in the summer, to fly on paraplanes, to ride horses. Routes flow through flowering gardens among apple trees, cherry plum and hawthorn. In the gorges there are rivers with numerous waterfalls and rapids. The travelers can see the underground halls decorated with stalactites and stalagmites of the most fantastic forms.

People come here as for a short period of time with the goal of recovery after weekdays of the working week, and for a long period to spend a pleasant time in a friendly company. Everyone will find a lesson here. Chimgan is waiting for its guests at any time of the year.


Mountain resort in the mountains of Uzbekistan

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Mountain resort in the mountains of Uzbekistan

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Mountain resort in the mountains of Uzbekistan

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Mountain resort in the mountains of Uzbekistan

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