As in any country, Uzbekistan has its official holidays, some of which Uzbekistan notes, like the rest of the world. The official holidays include: the celebration of the New Year – January 1, International Women’s Day – March 8, Navruz – March 21, Day of Remembrance and Honor – May 9, Independence Day of Uzbekistan – September 1, Teachers and Teachers Day – October 1, Constitution Day – 8 December. Despite the fact that they are days off, the following holidays are also important for Uzbeks: January 14 – Defender of the Motherland Day and August 31 – Day of Remembrance of Victims of Repression. The days of the main Muslim holidays in Uzbekistan are also declared days off, however they do not have exact dates, since the date of their celebration depends on the lunar calendar.

Each holiday has its own meaning and history, which are extremely important for the people of Uzbekistan. From the depths of the centuries, brought by the traditions of Zoroastrianism and Islam, the great holidays – Navruz, Ramazan Khayit and Kurban Khayit – are deeply revered and kept in Uzbekistan. Like all people, all over the world, a resident of Uzbekistan loves and expects a magical and fabulous holiday – the New Year. As in the whole world, Bengal lights are also lit here, they open champagne and make wishes with the battle of chimes. Another favorite holiday of the people of Uzbekistan is the International Women’s Day. On this day, the entire male half of the population gives respect and reverence and love to the attention and care of wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers – all the beautiful women of the Earth.

The memory of the past, of the horrors of the war, of all the fallen, of the defenders, and most importantly of victory is the May 9 holiday. The Uzbek people keep a memory of this, read this day and try to convey their memory of this historic day to their children. As for October 1 – Day of Teachers and Mentors, this holiday and more than 50 years of its existence, became not only a good tradition, but also became very fond of Uzbek people. After all, this holiday is dedicated to all those who invest their souls in the education of children, work every day, investing in us precious knowledge. But if you look at this holiday more broadly – it’s not just a teacher’s holiday, but also respect and respect for the older generation, because in Uzbekistan always the important place was occupied by respect and veneration of elders and wise men.

With the acquisition of independence, new holidays appeared in Uzbekistan, embodying new chapters in the history of the country: the Independence Day, the Constitution Day, the Day of Defenders of the Motherland. Day of Independence is celebrated in Uzbekistan. On this day a number of large-scale cultural events are held – festive shows, concerts and other entertainment events are held throughout the country, dedicated to the birthday of Uzbekistan