Uzbek cuisine

Uzbek cuisine

All over the world Uzbek cuisine is loved and respected deeply. Agree that as soon as you hear the names of dishes of Uzbek cuisine, such as pilav, manti, shashlik, lagman, samsa, shurpa – you have to swallow hungry saliva. And it is only necessary to feel the aroma of freshly baked Uzbek bread, fragrant kebab or pilav, it is impossible to refuse to eat these delicious dishes. Uzbek cuisine has won and continues to win worldwide fame and love with its bright and so many different taste qualities in the East.

Most of the recipes of Uzbek dishes preserving centuries-old history follow various rituals and superstitions in the preparation. And for such a long history, in Uzbek cuisine there are specific features.

The cuisine is a separate layer of Uzbek culture. Uzbek people always lived a settled life, unlike their nomadic neighbours, they cultivated various crops on their lands and cultivated animal husbandry. On fertile lands, under the bright sun of Uzbekistan, locals grew ripe vegetables, fragrant fruits and cereals.

No one argues that the development of Uzbek cuisine was influenced by the traditions of Turks, Kazakhs, Uighurs, Tajiks, Tatars and Mongols, i.e. all those people who inhabited in the territory of modern Uzbekistan.  Among borrowed dishes there are such dishes as roast, kebab, bogursak, straws, dumplings, manty, lagman, etc. But also Uzbek dishes spread far beyond Uzbekistan and now soup, pilav, dimlama and mastava adorn the tables of many other countries.

The majority of recipes of Uzbek cuisine include not only useing meat products, but also all that grows on the fertile soil of Uzbekistan – they are juicy vegetables, ripe fruit, fragrant spices and cereals. The bright sun gives Uzbekistan a warm climate, thanks to which a huge amount of fruits, vegetables, grapes, melons, herbs, berries and nuts grow there. And absolutely all of them are used to create culinary masterpieces that give pleasure not only for local residents, but also for visiting guests. An important place in Uzbek cuisine is occupied by flour products and dairy products.

If we talk about the meal itself, as in the rest of the world, in Uzbekistan – three meals a day. Breakfast here is called- nonushta, which means “to cut Uzbek bread”, lunch – tushlik ovkat and dinner – kechki ovkat. Uzbek people tend to eat with their hands, sitting on the floor before the dastarkhan. Sweets and fruits are usually served at the beginning of the meal then follow vegetables and salads. After salads, guests are offered fragrant shurpa and thick mastava. And complete your meal with main dishes – manti, lagman, shashlik and pilav.