Sightseeings of Uzbekistan


The main tourist centers of Uzbekistan, included in UNESCO world heritage list are Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. In these cities, a huge number of architectural monuments are situated, which preserve the memory of the great rulers, destructive wars, captures, fire and creation. But all these monuments are not all the sightseeings of sunny Uzbekistan.

The nature of Uzbekistan, its traditions, culture, cuisine and crafts are surprisingly diverse.

We should also mention the folk crafts of Uzbekistan: amazing silk fabrics and carpets, fabulously bright ceramics, amazing gold sewing and lacquer miniatures, ancient secrets of paper making, fine wood carving, unique styles of embroidery “basma” and “iroki” and many other fabulous and amazing things.

What is the story about attractions without mentioning the centers of pilav, lagman, kebab and samsa?  Uzbek cuisine has won, and continues to win worldwide fame and love with its bright and so many different taste qualities in the East. For many centuries, cooking in Uzbekistan has absorbed all the best of different peoples who live in the territory of Uzbekistan.

The nature of Uzbekistan is unique and beneficial – here you can freely go  in for skiing in winter, make ecological tours on camels in the desert in spring, swim in the mountain lake and fly on a paraglider in the mountains of Chimgan in summer or walk on the bottom of the drying Aral Sea in Karakalpakstan in autumn.

In the capital of Uzbekistan – in Tashkent city, in one of the largest cities in Central Asia, preserved architectural monuments dating back to the middle ages. The intertwining of modernity with the historical flavor of the Eastern city impresses all those who come to the capital.

Walking on a beautiful, sunny Tashkent, You will be presented a refined European construction, such buildings since the time of Turkestan general-governorship. For architectural monuments dating back to the 19-20 centuries, the most characteristic is “brick style” of Russian unromantic style. In addition to historical monuments, you will discover the shining facades of buildings built during the years of independence, you will be able to go by Tashkent metro, each station of which is like a competition of masterpieces.

Having visited Uzbekistan, you will not only plunge into the world of the magic Eastern fairy tale, but also will be able to see a lot of new, to listen to old legends which were transferred from generation to generation, to try amazing culinary masterpieces from chefs, to climb to the top of Chimgan and also to enjoy the warm, hospitable and bright sun.