Rest in Uzbekistan

10 things to do during your visit to Uzbekistan

It is impossible to express the beauty of nature, the mystery of the atmosphere, the sophistication of architecture in words that reign in sunny Uzbekistan. In this country many cultures, customs and languages united that have built a rich spiritual and cultural heritage. Traveling around Uzbekistan may be for a long time, but as soon as you come here, you will definitely realize that Your whole life is not enought to learn about everything here. However, there are some things you should definitely do when you come here.

  1. To visit the “Golden valley”. The whole history of the birth of the Great Silk Road began with the desire of the Chinese emperors to get to the Fergana valley. Fergana valley is a precious stone in the Treasury of Uzbekistan– it is the land of skillful potters, woodworkers, weavers and carpet-makers, who pass the secrets to their children and those in turn to their own. Here travelers can see monumental monuments of architecture – Kokand Khan’s Palace, ancient madrasas and mosques. You must visit the region where sweet grapes mature and aromatic fruits ripen, tasty delicious Uzbek bread and special delicious pilav of devzira sort of rice.
  2. Visit to Islam Khoja minaret. One of the richest in historical monuments that has survived to our times is undoubtedly Khiva. For example, the fortress Ichan-Kala, is preserved almost in its original form – now it looks exactly the same as one hundred or two hundred years ago. Beautiful mausoleum of Pahlavan Mahmud, built in honor of the philosopher, poet and strongest wrestler of that time. Delightful carved wooden columns of the Juma mosque. Majestic, despite the fact that it is not completed – minaret Kalta Minor. Finally, the monumental minaret of Islam Khoja, which height is 56.6 meters. Go it up is a real challenge for tourists. The steps are quite steep, the passage is narrow, the entire rise is kept in constant tension, however, as soon as you rise to the dome of the minaret – You will have much more reason to be proud of yourself.
  3. Ask for luck from Nasreddin Hodja. Holy Bukhara, as it is called by Uzbek people, is incredibly rich in architectural monuments. If you find yourself in this beautiful city, be sure to visit the teahouse, which is located near the Lyabi-Khauz pond. There is a monument that is not a commander’s, not a great ruler’s, not a famous scientist’s, but a beloved native of Bukhara – Khoja Nasreddin’s. Here he is respectfully called as Afandi. You will hear a lot of instructive and amusing stories about him. You may rub the right cavush (shou) of Khoja Nasreddin monument. Locals are sure that this will certainly bring you luck in business and in love.
  4. Buy a sheet of paper for 1000 years. During a walk through Samarkand, you will definitely visit all the monumental places of this majestic city. Be sure to make a trip to the village of Konigil near Samarkand, where the paper mill “Meros”. This factory was founded by brothers Muhtarovs who are well-known artists in the territory of Samarkand. They managed to revive the ancient tradition of making paper, which was once made by our ancestors. All the production of this paper conducted manually and you can every guest who wishes to attend a tour of the factory can be witnessed it. Today Samarkand paper is used for restoration and restoration of various historical manuscripts, not only in Uzbekistan, but also around the world.
  5. Enjoy spending the night in the Kyzylkum desert. We live in the centure of advanced technologies, so sometimes we just need to leave where there is no Wi-Fi and overhead shining myriad of stars. Be sure to visit Nurata mountains, away from the bustle of the city. On the way there, make a stop at Nurata pass, where the ancient rock paintings are preserved. And finally, you will be embraced by the great silence of Kyzylkum desert, cozy yurts and for dinner a delicious kavurdak (fried meat ) will wait for you.
  6. Touch the mysteries of Sufism. Followers of Sufism from all over the world are eager to visit Uzbekistan to worship Holy places in Bukhara. Without any doubt Bukhara is called “Holy land of 7000 sages”. strongly recommend you to visit these magnificent monuments. You will walk through such places as the seven graves of Sufi Saints, Musoleum of Bahouddin Nakshbandi, Musoleum of Gur-Emir, as well as the necropolis of Shahi-Zinda
  7. Touch the beautiful. Uzbekistan is rich not only in beautiful nature and architectural monuments of antiquity, but also its museums and galleries. For example, in Nukus – the capital of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, there is a unique Museum, which presents beautiful exhibits collected by Igor Savitsky. Many people know the collection of paintings of Russian and Soviet vanguard. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Savitsky literally saved such wonderful works as those of Alexander Volkov, Usto Mumin, Robert Falk, Nikolay Karakhan, Ural Tansykbayev and many others.
  8. Unravel the secrets of the ancient Buddhist center. It is not a secret that in the old days, in the territory of Central Asia lived in peace different religions, such as Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and Manichaeism. For ancient and beautiful Termez, Buddhism played a significant role in ideology. This can be seen from the ancient monuments that have survived to the present day.
  9. Walk along the bottom of the former sea. This is a sad journey, but at the same time a very beautiful and instructive journey. More than half a century ago, there was a beautiful noise, a huge salt lake, which has long been called as the sea. Once upon a time, this sea was the place for fishing and it fed hundreds of people. On the coast of Aral sea, there were many villages, fish factories, factories and fish collecting stations. Every year, fishermen caught from this sea more than 60 thousand tons of fish of 34 species. Where waves were splashing, where they spitted on the side of fishing boats, now Aralkum is spread and the water continues to go away from the former coast that once was a beautiful sea, exposing a cemetery of sunken ships.
  10. Visit Gulomsk defiles. How many cities in the world can boast that there are cool, fast rivers, rocky cliffs and pearl, noisy waterfalls just an hour way from the city? And Tashkent can rightly be proud of such mountain scenery, just in 40 minutes from the city. If you have a visit to Tashkent, try to visit the mountains of Uzbekistan. Gulkam defiles is considered the most picturesque place, which are in the environs of Big Chimgan.