Exhibitions and events

Events and exhibitions in Uzbekistan

Sunny, bright, bustling life and incredibly rich in economic and cultural events in its life – Uzbekistan, attracts businessmen, scientists, and connoisseurs of everything beautiful. Today, dozens of thematic international exhibitions are held annually in Uzbekistan, in which people from all over the world take part. The exhibitions held in Uzbekistan in the largest consumer market in Central Asia, cover almost all areas in business: from cars and advertising, to agriculture and oil refining equipment. So you can discover a new chapter in your business – and start with an exhibition in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is an amazing land of talented artisans, a world of stunning silk fabrics, a country rich in its ethnographic, cultural and musical heritage, famous for bright festivals, fairs and other cultural events. All numerous cultural events held in Uzbekistan over the years, allowed us to accumulate vast experience, to establish useful and productive cooperation and to continue to grow and develop as a strong and independent state with its own views, values, historical experience, but is aimed at the peace and tranquility of its citizens.