Festivals Of Uzbekistan

About Festivals

In Uzbekistan, the most striking events are theatrical celebrations of historical events, national holidays, as well as the demonstration of cultural Uzbek events that have come down to us from ancestors who cherished them and passed on from generation to generation. These colorful and always interesting events are introduced the culture and way of Uzbek people’s life. If you are lucky enough to visit Uzbekistan during any festival, you will have an unforgettable experience: folk festivals, Oriental bazaars, various shops with souvenirs, open kitchens, master classes from Uzbek chefs and much more. You can take part in competitions, dance and even sing songs yourself, because the people of Uzbekistan are friendly and very hospitable.

Asrlar sadosi (''Echo of the ages'')

One of the annual festivals held in Uzbekistan is the festival “Asrlar sadosi”. Each time the festival is celebrated in different cities and is a celebration of folk traditions, customs, applied arts, national cuisine and music.

Mostly “Asrlar sadosi” takes place in spring, approximately in may and continues 2 days off. In these days there are mass festivities, in which people sing, dance, organize competitions in fresh air.

Every year, to take part in this festival, thousands of participants gather, which include folk groups, artisans, sportsmen, musicians, cooks. Ten thousands of spectators, both tourists and locals, also come to the festival.

On these two days of the festival, the city transforms. It is decorated with flags, colorful banners, the whole city turns into one big Oriental Bazaar. Here everyone can buy a variety of souvenirs, beautiful fabrics, fabulous carpets, intoxicating with its aroma of spices and of course tasting of the national dishes, which are lovingly prepared by the local chefs.

Every year the main organizer of this festival is the Fund forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan and the first time it was held in 2008 near Shakhrisabz city. And in cooperation with UNESCO “Asrlar sadosi” has been held since 2009.

International music festival "Sharq Taronalari''

Every two years, in a fabulous and beautiful Samarkand city there is held a grand musical show “Shark Taronalari”, and it is one of the most exciting, as well as a large-scale event in the Central Asian region.

“Sharq Taronalari” in translation from Uzbek is translated as “Melodies of the East” and so there appeared a tradition that this festival is held each time on a charming square – Registan.

Registan square – is a part of a stunning architectural composition which has already been a monument of the great history of architecture of the East. In the square there are three madrasas, the entrances are facing the center of this square. Since ancient times, Samarkand, called the Pearl of the East for its beauty and grandeur, gathered the best scientists ,poets, architects and many others who praised and gave a piece of himself to this beautiful city.

What a wonderful Samarkand was for past generations, so it still remained and now – it is revered, admired and praised. Therefore, it is not surprising that such a grandiose festival as “Sharq Taronalari” is held in this great   Samarkand city – a city where melodies of past years soar in the air, which can not be resisted and which simply force to create. Each festival brings together talented musicians, creative teams from all over the world.

For the music festival, a huge open-air stage is built in the square and the ancient monuments are considered as wonderful acoustics. To make the festival memorable both for the participants and the audience, the organizers try to do their best: provide the best decorations, interesting exhibitions, foreign guests and press representatives are invited.

Some of the guests who come to the festival, are in Samarkand for the first time and it is fitting that there is a tour of this amazing and ancient city. Guests can visit the legendary tomb of Amir Temur, which granted  a huge number of legends known far beyond the borders of Uzbekistan, visit a beautiful Bibi-Khanum mosque, which impresses with its splendor and scale and many other delightful centre blocks of architecture which has reached us from the depths of centuries.

During music festival, which lasts a week, exhibitions of national Uzbek dresses, folk instruments, as well as various art bazaars and conferences are organized. At the end of the festival, a grandiose gala concert is held, where the winners of the contest, as well as Uzbek pop stars perform.

And a wonderful, dazzling point at the end of the festival is a bright show of fireworks that illuminate the night sky of the fabulous city – Samarkand.