FayzullaKhodjaev House Museum

FayzullaKhodjaev House Museum

FaizullaKhodjaev was one of the most prominent political personalities in the history of Bukhara in the early 20th century. He was the leader of jadidism-maecenas and also a fighter for equal rights. For his views and statements, he was repressed in 1938.

His father was a wealthy Bukhara merchant who always tried to give his son the best education. That is why he sent Faizulla to study in Russia. Once, in 1913, FaizullaKhodzhaev returned to Bukhara, he immediately joined the jadids. In the period from 1916 to 1920, Faizulla was one of the leaders of young bukhar party, which was opposing the inhumane activities of the Emir of Bukhara. FaizullaKhodjaev together with his friend and colleague A. Fitrat organized a rally, the purpose of which was to encourage the government to adopt the Constitution and implement reforms that improve the lives of the people of Bukhara. As soon as Central Asia became a part of the USSR, FaizullaKhodjaev participated in the management of the region. Unfortunately, during mass repression Khodjaev was executed.

The name of FaizullaKhodjaev is highly revered in Bukhara to this day, as evidenced by the foundation of Faizulla Museum. His family house is located in the famous quarter of Bukhara. Gozien. In ancient times the area was occupied by members of the palace aristocracy. In this quarter in the late 80-ies of the XIX century a few houses were built by UbaidullaKhodjaev the father of FaisullaKhodjayev. During construction of the house participated the most famous architects of Bukhara, who turned the house into a sample of residential architecture of Bukhara.

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