Memorial complex of Naqshbandi

Memorial complex of Naqshbandi

One of the main shrines in Islam is the funerary complex of Khoja Bakhouddin Naqshbandi. Almost all Muslims know that name. He is revered very highly. Naqshbandi was a great theologian and founder of a Sufi order – Naqshbandi. He was a deeply religious man and tried to live according to the laws of God. Khoja Bahauddin, after his death was buried in the place KasriOrifon, which is located in 12 kilometers from Bukhara. Once before the burial and the erection of the tomb of Nakshbandi here was a pagan temple.

From authentic sources it is known that Naqshbandi was the spiritual mentor of Amir Temur. He made the Hajj to Mecca 32 times, and urged all people to be humble, because he led a modest life, rejecting luxury.

The burial place of Nakshbandi is now considered to be the Central Asian Mecca. Many Muslims from different countries tend to come to the mausoleum, believing that here, in the Holy place, their prayers are heard better. They are asking for giveness for their sins and fulfillment of their wishes. Three hikings from Bukhara to the tomb of Nakshbandi equals to one Hajj.

In the walls of the mausoleum can be seen piled tree – a mulberry, which according to legend grew from a staff of Bahauddin. People believe that if you want your wish to be realized – climbe under it three times.

Also the memorial complex includes a Museum, which presents authentic information about the Saint and about Sufism in general.

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