The Palace Sitorai-MohiKhosa

The Palace Sitorai-MohiKhosa

Another famous monument in Bukhara is The Palace Sitorai –MokhiKhosa. There is an interesting story with its construction. Approximately in the middle of the 19th century Bukhara’s ruler Nasrullakhan ordered to build a country residence. But his wish was that a new Palace was located in a cool shaded place, so the sun’s rays in hot and sultry summer didn’t bother the Governor. Then the architects from Central Asia came to one of the old methods, on the proposed construction sites they laid out the butchered carcasses of sheep. The Palace was decided to build in that place where the meat had spoiled the last one. But the Palace collapsed, before reaching present days.

Decades later another ruler of Bukhara Mir SayidAlimkhan decided to build a new Palace in the same place. According to some assumptions, he dedicated this Palace to his beloved wife Sitora. After a few years the Palace was completed and turned out incredibly beautiful. The architects who worked on its construction, managed to combine the European and Oriental styles. Soon after the construction of the residence the wife of the Governor died, but Alimkhan gave her name to the Palace. The Palace was named Sitorai –MokhiKhosa, which literally translates as “Star, like the moon.” The name of this Palace has preserved to the present days, unlike the Palace, it suffered from the same fate as the former, erected a Palace here.

The Palace that exists today built last Emir of Bukhara in the years 1912-1918. In its construction participated the best architects and artists of the time.

The main building consists of several halls for receiving guests and private apartment of the Emir. We should note that the White hall is beauty which is amazing and breathtaking. Master UstoShirinMuradov, who worked on its creation, was honored with the establishment of the monument on the Palace ground. The White hall is decorated with pattern that laid on top of the walls with mirrors. Pattern is never repeated in this crafted masterpiece. Indeed, the number of mirrors in White hall is surprising – here you can find Venetian mirrors and Japanese, as well as the amazing trellis, creating a duplicate reflection of 40 times.

In the Palace there is also a summer tea room, a small minaret and a cozy, lavishly decorated guest house. About this Palace there are many stories and legends, about which you can talk for a long time.

After the Emirate of Bukhara finished, the Palace was transformed into Museum. At different times, the exposition replaced each other, but at the moment, in the former residence of Bukhara rulers, the Museum of decorative arts is situated. The Museum’s collection includes all exposition of Palace furniture of the 19th-20th centuries, jewelry and objects of art from Russia and Japanese porcelain of the 15-20 centuries. Due to the fact that in recent decades Bukhara has grown significantly, Sitorai- MohiKhosa is located just 4 kilometers away from Bukhara, and if You visit to Bukhara, without no doubt you should visit this remarkable monument of architecture.

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