Madrasah Chor-Minor

Madrasah Chor-Minor

Bukhara is full of mysterious historical monuments and places, one of which is a majestic the Chor-Minor madrassah. This madrasah is located in the open area right behind Lyabi-Khauz. Madrasa justifies its name – Chor Minor (translated as “four minarets”), because in each corner of the building there is a madrasah where located minarets with blue domes. Each dome has a unique decor and different shapes.

This design of the minarets, is associated with religious-philosophical understanding of four world religions. In some elements that decorate the minarets trace image, reminding a cross, Christian fish and also Buddhist prayer wheels. Thus, Chor-Minor seems to unite four world religions.

In front of the madrasah there is a courtyard in the middle of which there is a small pond —khauz that faced with stone blocks and the sides of the madrasah attached several khujras. This madrasah remains a mystery, since for normal functioning of madrassas it doesn’t have enough classrooms and such facilities as a utility room and a dining room. And there is no evidence and hints that they existed.

The construction of the Chor-Minor madrasah is usually attributed to 1807, however, this date needs to be clarified. The fact is that according to some information, the order for the construction of the madrasa was given by a rich man from Bukhara Turkmen Caliph Niyazkul, but from archival documents it is known that the madrasah Chor Minor already existed in the late 17th century.

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