The Ulugbek madrasah in Bukhara

The Uugbek madrasah in Bukhara

One of the most ancient madrasahs built by Ulugbek – the grandson of Amir Temur that preserved to the present day, is the Ulugbeg Madrasah in Bukhara. This madrasa was the first that a young ruler – Ulugbek ordered to build when he only came to power.

The Ulugbek madrasah in Bukhara is a rectangular building with an inner courtyard and main entrance which is decorated with a high portal. Ulugbeg’s love for astronomy was reflected in the decoration of this building, particularly the astral elements present in the ornament decorating this madrasah. At the gate, you can see the inscription from the Koran which means the pursuit of knowledge is the duty of all Muslims.

Like all madrasas, there were educated future scholars of Central Asia. In this madrasah were trained more than 80 students who studied Arabic language, geometry and religious subjects there. The study took from 15 to 20 years. Today, this madrasa is a Museum of the history of restoration of monuments of Bukhara.

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