Lyabi Khauz


In Bukhara, as in any other city, there are beautiful, scenic place where you can come and relax and just enjoy the beautiful view. One of such places is Lyabi-Khauz. As in the past and currently, this beautiful place is the center of social life.

Under the scorching Central Asian sun, the coolness of the pond and the shade of the mulberry trees always help to escape from the sweltering heat. That is why this place is so popular among the local residents and visiting travelers. In ancient times there was a Bazaar, tea house and various shops. Water from this pond was used by local residents for watering the streets and for drinking.

This place is so picturesque that in the middle ages there were held celebrations: stores of Bazaar were decorated with beautiful carpets and embroidery. In the evenings, the place again changed its look – it transformed when the lights were lit and put up stalls. Today, it continues to hold festive events, to sound music, vendors offer their goods inviting visitors and artists are trying to capture a wonderful view of LyabiKhauz in their paintings.

Labi-Khauz is also famous for the fact that around this ancient pond there were built great monuments: madrassah Kukeldash, built in the 16th century and the khanaqah and madrasah of Nadir Divan-Begi of 17th century.

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