Registan square in Bukhara

Registan square in Bukhara

Registan square in Bukhara, which also exists in Samarkand got its name because before the square was fully covered with sand, which was extremely convenient during the executions and different races, during which blood was shed. The sand absorbed the blood and leave no traces.

To the West of the residence of Bukhara rulers – the Arch, Registan square, formerly was the center of the city. In old times in this place was the valley where people gathered and gradually filled the low ground with sand. Therefore, the square became known as Registan – the place covered with sand. Early in the area there were office buildings, mosques and market stalls. Also here was located a hospital, where people come for medicine and also trained doctors and there were wards for patients.

Until the 13th century in the territory of the square were located the administrative buildings, later on it began to appear markets. But in the 17th century the square was completely established markets where it was possible to buy weapons and hats and cotton fabric.

Directly in front of the Arch was a large Bazaar – BozoriRespon, which was partly located around the pond. In this territory took place executions and announced public decrees of rulers. The stores of weapons and Poland madrasah and Dar ash-Shifa were situated towards the end of the Arch.

To our days, unfortunately, only one monument – a complex of Bolo-Hauz remained. This complex is represented by the reservoir, Friday mosque and minaret.

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