Climate and weather in Uzbekistan


Warm, Sunny and bright – Uzbekistan. So in general we can describe the climate in this wonderful country. In Uzbekistan there is no direct access to the sea, so the climate here is sharply continental. The distinguishing feature of this climate – sudden changes in temperature. That is why summer in Uzbekistan is sunny and hot and winters are not so harsh, besides, the total duration of the winter season is only two months. Spring comes in this country early, often even in winter, but summer is in a hurry to please its warmth around last month of spring. Summer day in Uzbekistan lasts very long – 15 hours a day, but the winter days are not so short to get bored – at least 9 hours. Thus Uzbekistan is best suited for summer holidays when you can visit the mountains, swim in lakes or pools, numerous relaxation areas, sunbathe and enjoy the delicious and ripe fruit. Well, fans of winter sports such as: skiing, snowboarding and etc., can visit the country in winter, and take great pleasure from enjoying winter mountains of Uzbekistan. January is usually the coldest winter month in Uzbekistan, but the sultriest is July. According to this, we can say that heavenly period for tourists is spring and autumn. Because the climate in this period of time is more soft, pleasant, the sun pleases its warmth, but do not scare with hot scorching rays. Unfortunately, on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan there are very few lakes. One of the most famous is the Aral, which is used to being called a sea rather than a lake. The Aral Sea is situated in Western Uzbekistan. Up to date, the situation with the Aral Sea is very unfortunate, because the water level in it has fallen considerably, in consequence of which all plant and animal life suffer. As for precipitation, on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan falls slightly. Virtually non-existent in the summer of course, sometimes it will be heavy downpour, but it lasts not long, and soon brings relief and joy than annoyance. In winter it does not often snow but if it happens to see snow, it often melts quickly because of the warm Uzbek climate. Spring comes in the Republic of Uzbekistan in February month and is considered the “velvet season”. In the hottest time of spring temperature reaches maxim 35 degrees. But even the hot spring day replaced by a cool evening and night, with its continental climate. Of course, the climate throughout the country is not the same. In Bukhara, the summer is hotter in comparison with Tashkent, but in the mountains it is cooler. In General, due to its warm and dry climate in Uzbekistan annually tourists flock who enjoy sunny weather, delicious Uzbek cuisine and dive into history, visiting the sights of this wonderful country – Uzbekistan.