About Uzbekistan

The Republic of Uzbekistan is located in the heart of a hot region of Central Asia, in a striking and amazing picturesque oasis. It is impossible not to fall in love in fabulous and exciting sights of this country at first sight. Indeed, the beauty of nature, ancient architecture, and a large number of historical monuments are attractive. If anyone has ever visited Uzbekistan, will never forget: emerald green trees, tall and graceful poplars, blue sky, clear water rivers, the beauty and majesty of the mountains, and white clouds above them. In Uzbekistan You will be fascinated by everything: its culture, traditions, customs, cuisine and people famous for their hospitality.

Within one word, this amazing country will not leave indifferent any visitor who visited it.

When you visit Uzbekistan, you have the unique opportunity to experience the ancient history of this region, to visit the Great Silk road, on those roads which took a battle and was going on the story itself. You will be able to touch the historic milestones in the face of historical monuments, which are treasures handed down to us from our ancestors through many centuries. Yes, the wonderful land is charming with its historical value, but it is not the only thing that is so great in this country. It is worth looking at the beautiful nature, the smooth contours of the mountains, clear and loud rivers, bright and fresh green valleys, clear blue lakes, breathing the fresh air of the mountains, and just enjoying the warmth, basking in the rays of the bright sun and you will be captivated forever. In this country, under the hot, bright sun ripen the most delicious fruits and vegetables: fragrant melons, sweet melons, juicy cucumbers and tomatoes. Fragrant, tasty pilav, juicy steamed dumplings that just melt in your mouth, crumbly and crispy samosas, and the aroma of Uzbek bread makes hungry again even a well-fed man. Uzbekistan is a Paradise for gourmets!

The enchanting region – Uzbekistan is embodied in the reality of the Eastern tale that fascinates amazes and delights.

Official name: The Republic of Uzbekistan
Form of government: Presidential Republic
Head of state: President
Territory: 448,9 thousand square kilometers
Population: 32,512 million people
Capital: Tashkent
Monetary unit: Sum
Religion: Islam
Climate: continental, arid
Administrative division: In Uzbekistan there are 12 provinces and Autonomous Republic of Karakalpakistan.
Major cities: Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Fergana, Khorezm, Andijan

Map of Uzbekistan

Карта Узбекистана

National symbols:

The national flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan – is a rectangular cloth with a length of 250 cm and a width of 125 cm, in which there are three stripes: blue, white and green colors along its length. Also on the edges of the white stripes are thin red stripes. On the top blue part of the flag on the front and back sides – on the shaft there is a white Crescent moon and near it 12 white five-pointed stars. The symbolism of the State flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan reflects those traditions which have formed and existed on the territory of this country for centuries, and also carries the natural features of the Republic. Thus, the blue color symbolizes the blue sky and clean water. Sky blue color since ancient times was revered in the East. White color is the symbol of peace and purity of the people, to the development of the young independent state. Green symbolizes the fertile and beautiful nature of this country. And finally, red stripes are a symbol of life, the energy that pulsates in every living being. Crescent corresponds to centuries-old traditions of the people of Uzbekistan. Crescent and stars — the symbol of cloudless sky in the world. 12 stars – 12 months and a symbol of the 12 zodiac constellations that correspond to these months.

The State emblem of the Republic of Uzbekistan represents a picture of the rising sun over the mountains, rivers and blooming valley, surrounded by a wreath, woven with spikes of wheat (right) and cotton bolls (left). In the center of the emblem depicts the magical bird “Khumo”– the symbol of happiness and freedom. In the upper part of the emblem there is an octagon, which symbolizes the approval of the Republic. The sun rising behind the bird is the light that illuminates the way of the Uzbek people. Uzbekistan is located between two rivers – the Syr Darya and the Amu Darya. The spikes are the symbol of bread; stems with open cotton bolls characterize the main wealth of Uzbekistan.

Uzbek was adopted as the state language in 1989. It refers to a Central Asian Turkic group of languages. From the beginning of XX century on the basis of the Ferghana dialect was created the modern literary Uzbek language which is used until now. And until that time on the territory of Uzbekistan several languages – Persian and old Uzbek and Chagatai wereas a literary language.

Modern Uzbek language, which is used now in the territory of Uzbekistan has a long history of development. The basis for the Uzbek language until 1928 was the Arabic alphabet, from 1928 the Latin alphabet began to use, which operated until 1940, then the Cyrillic alphabet began to operate, which was fixed before 1992, in which again the Uzbek language was changed into the Latin alphabet.

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