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Samarkand is a beautiful, historical city in Uzbekistan, which is surrounded by the Pamir-Alay mountains, is rightly called Pearl of the East. This amazing city, whose beauty was glorified by poets, impresses with its spectacular views, historical sites and architectural monuments. No matter how much You heard about this beautiful city, it is completely different pleasure to go there and enjoy in all its grandeur and splendor. In the world there are some cities whose history is embodied in centuries-old events that reflects the path which passed many people and many generations. Samarkand is an example for such cities.

Today, Samarkand is the place where all great antiquities store carefully, revere deeply and cherish. Thanks to all the monuments and great wisdom that have come down to us from the depth of centuries, Samarkand was included in the List of UNESCO world heritage.


Like its counterparts, the historical cities such as Babylon, Memphis, Athens and Rome, Alexandria and Byzantium – Samarkand also passed through many events. It was witness to conquest, war, destruction and the peaceful years of creation. The history of Samarkand is charming with its roots going back to centuries. Archaeologists have confirmed the antiquity of this city many times, finding archaeological evidence, chronicles and household items that indicate human habitation in this area for many thousands of years BC.

The first settlement on the territory of modern Samarkand contributed to many factors such as: mild climate, access to natural water sources, proximity of the mountains, abundance of animals for hunting and many others. Long before the beginning of our era in this historical town walls of the fortress towered which were surrounded by the palaces of the rulers. In ancient Chronicles that have come down to our times, first sources in which Samarkand was mentioned are records of participants and witnesses of aggressive campaigns of Alexander the Great in 329 BC, at that time it was Samarkand that all knew as Marakanda.

Over its long history, Samarkand has experienced a lot of conquests, from its streets walked barbarian tribes of Saks and Masagets, the Greek-Macedonian army marched a heavy iron phalanx and even rode an unrelenting horde of Karakitais. The Arabs, with its crushing invasion brought to Samarkand a new religion – Islam. Civilians of Samarkand lived through the burning of their dwellings, from hands of bloody Horde of GenghisKhan. Once Samarkand was the capital of a great and vast Empire of Amir Temur. After Timur’s death his Empire was divided, Samarkand was under the rule of his grandson – Ulugbek. During reigning of Ulugbek, Samarkand flourished, there were built madrasahs, as well as an impressive Observatory, which has been preserved to this day. Ulugbek paid great attention to the development of culture and traditions of this great city.

The Golden age of Samarkand felt in the XIV-XV centuries. During this period, construction in the city highly increased. There were built strong, impressive fortifications and behind them there were being landscaped beautiful gardens and parks, new streets paved with stone and into the blue sky soared sky-blue domes of architectural structures. Many of them are symbols of Samarkand up to date. And the architectural monuments erected in those times equal in its importance to the architectural masterpieces of Ancient Egypt, China, India, Greece and Rome.

In our days, arriving in Samarkand You will see that, like most ancient cities, it is divided into old and new town. In the new part there are usually administrative buildings, industrial plants and etc., while in the old town, mostly there are tours to historical places where visitors can see monuments of architecture, walk through old shops, markets and just look at old houses. Today Samarkand is the cultural capital of Uzbekistan and its second in area and population of the city.



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