Siab Bazaar

Siab Bazaar of Samarkand

If You are lucky enough to arrive in Samarkand, You simply have to visit the market. It’s kind of amazing mysterious world, where the atmosphere of ancient times and tales rule. Once upon a time, during the great Timurid emirs and khans and bazaars were the main strategic objects of trade on the Silk road. And Siab Bazaar is such a place – an interesting and ancient, where every tourist must visit.

What is the feature of Siab Bazaar?

Geographically Siab Bazaar is close to the beautiful monument of architecture – the mosque of Bibi Khanum. Big Bazaar is spread over more than five hectares. At the entrance You can see a beautiful three-sided arch, which is decorated with traditional mosaics in dark blue. To create comfortable conditions both for merchants and customers , all malls are hidden under the canopies protecting the market in summer from the scorching sun and in winter from wind, rain and snow.

As soon as You go to market, like you are plunging into an Oriental fairy tale: unbelievable firework of colors, which immediately captures look, noise of buyers and sellers voices merged in the music of Oriental Bazaar and of course aroma of fruits, vegetables, spices and Samarkand bread , all these are impossible to forget if you have seen only once. This fabulous market isn’t almost asleep, in the first rays of the sun the merchants are ready to welcome their customers and do not close until late in the evening.
Basically in Siab Bazaar fruit, vegetables and gourds are sold that are grown by hardworking farmers of Uzbekistan and of course grocery items prepared by local people and skilled crafts of local artists. Market ranks are divided by types of products: vegetable stalls, fruit, herbs and spices, and many others. And dried fruits, sweets and nuts of Siab have so much incredible flavor that even inhabitants of the capital come to buy them.

Сиабский базар
Сиабский базар
Сиабский базар
Сиабский базар

Also in Siab Bazaar You can see, just think 17 types of bread. Samarkand bread is famous for renowned, incredible flavor, entering to Bazaar you will smell scent of freshly-baked Samarkand bread, it  will instantly give you appetite.

Having been in this market You will certainly remember all impressions of the festive, mysterious atmosphere that prevails here and together with the wealth of the market: bread, fruits, souvenirs, You will take a piece of this atmosphere forever.

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